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Wow!  We were amazed!

Mary - Scappoose, OR

"We heard about your offerings of first quality, prime ground beef through the Port of Columbia County.

We purchased a quarter beef (which in our case came to 150#), and were pleased to see it came shrink-wrapped in one pound packages.  We were informed by the meat packer that if we did not break the seal, it would last in our freezer for five years! 

We immediately came home, thawed out a package, and proceeded to cook it, as we were anxious to assess its taste and quality.  Wow!  We were amazed! The taste and quality exceeded our expectations!  My husband declared that he felt like he was eating a piece of the finest steak! 


A few friends and family members purchased some from us, and they were thrilled, as well.  

Ordering process was a breeze, and it was delivered BEFORE the estimated time.  The cost is way below what you would pay for anything near that quality in the store or meat market.  Needless to say, we are beyond satisfied, and are already planning for our next order.

We thank you for putting your superior product out to the public and making it possible for us to purchase.  We are spreading the good word about Columbia River Ranch!"

Delicious and Juicy

Mollie - Portland, OR

"Just made some burgers, here's my review....


The ground steak-burger from Columbia River Ranch is amazing!


Not only was the purchase and pick up experience easy but it was prepackaged in 1lb vacuumed sealed bags making it easy to take one from the freezer to the fridge as needed.


The beef itself made delicious and juicy burgers even with the lower fat content. Being that it is grass fed and coming from one cow, I feel better about consuming it and at the same time supporting a local farmer.


I look forward to using it for so many different recipes throughout the year."