We are teaming up with local butchers to provide high-quality pork and ground-steak to our customers at affordable prices

About Us

We are proudly teaming up with Matt's Custom Meats to provide quality ground steak and pork to our community at affordable prices.  


All of our pigs are purchased whole and you will be able to customize your cuts and cure with the butcher directly. All of our ground steak is "locker beef" and may be purchased as 1/4, 1/2, or whole cow.  You will purchase your meat directly from Columbia River Ranch which will then be processed and available for pick-up at Matt's Custom Meats. 


Our Pork

Our premiere Yorkshire breed pork is incredibly flavorful.  You will have the option to customize your order for ham and bacon cures with the butcher.

We are currently bringing in pigs from farmers in Iowa in order to support them during this time when major processing plants are shut down.  This enables us to offer prime, corn-fed pork that are commercially raised to our community through local butchers. 

Our Beef


Our high-quality Angus Hereford breed beef is sold as ground steak also known as "locker beef".

What is "Locker Beef"?

Locker Beef is an economical solution for families who would like to buy their beef in large quantities.  You will be able to purchase a 1/4, 1/2, or whole cow at a discounted rate than purchasing from a grocery store.  


Our locker beef is sold as ground steak.  This means all of the cows premiere cuts are included within the ground steak, which makes it high-quality. All Columbia River Ranch cattle are grass-fed on no-spray farms, grass-finished, and free of growth hormones. 

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